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I have the sense that the universe is more darkness than light; that when we experience something brought forward into the light it is more rare than we think.

This Is Always



Yesterday was my 15th wedding anniversary. I am old enough that it barely counts as longevity in a marriage, but having been through another that didn’t make it past eleven years, it feels good to celebrate number fifteen. And can I just say that I am married to the most amazing woman. Very early on in our courtship I came to the conclusion that I could go through anything with her. I suspect that had something to do with the circumstances under which we came together. Separation from my first wife, two moves, a major new architectural project I had just won and which needed my undivided attention, major strategic planning effort led on behalf of an organization I was deeply involved with, conflicting emotions of falling in love at the same time I was acknowledging there was no love left in my first marriage. About all that was missing from the stress cocktail was a death in the family. Fortunately, that didn’t happen.

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